About Us

Fire Maul Tools is a firefighter owned company.  We are based in Chicago, IL.  Our products are assembled and fulfilled by fire fighters.  We take great pride in knowing everyone of our products will help save property and even lives. We are also proud to say the Fire Maul® is MADE IN U.S.A.!  We appreciate your business and your support of our own brothers and sisters!

Inception - for too long the fire service industry has adopted a splitting maul as a fire tool.  It is time we finally engineered one for ourselves.  The Fire Maul® was invented by a City of Chicago Firefighter, quoted here in a letter from the inventor:

"It was first envisioned here while going to work on scene with the Chicago Fire Department.  It was not uncommon to use a splitting maul as my first due tool for both its striking and cutting capabilities.  A tool that can effectively break through objects in an expedient manner.  But it is that same tool that had its drawbacks, mostly found when needing to gap, pry, or ram.  It was then I knew that instead of the fire service adopting a tool used for forestry, why can't we build one geared for exactly what our jobs require.  Building construction nowadays and the tasks we have to overcome require new innovative tools and techniques.  The Fire Maul™ perfects the advantages of a splitting maul and eliminates the drawbacks.  It is the tool you can rely on to smash, cut, pry, gap, ram and force when time truly matters.  This coupled with the incorporated Collar Shield handle protection and ability to easily marry to a halligan bar, makes it the perfect tool for first due entry, roof work, RIT operations, and even overhaul.  I know I won't go to any fire without one in my hands or on my hip!"

We are so very excited to get this tool in your hands so you can unleash the power it has.  Wether you are baseball swinging into a metal door to force it in one hit or using the weight to punch through roofing material easily, we know the Fire Maul® will continue to provide advantages over all others.  These advantages can be applied to a wide range of professions to include police and military entry teams!

We will continue to provide you with updates and reviews on this new awesome tool!